Wednesday, April 06, 2005

If you can’t be cool, be weird.

Something I learned in High School, way back in the middle third of the last century (i.e. the ‘60s for those who don’t do math) is that if you don’t have what it takes to be cool, you can always be weird. Some people have made careers out of being weird, such as Hunter Thompson and Tiny Tim.

As a non-traditional student at University of Montana, I have made a meteoric career of being weird. I was an incandescent piece of dust in space that lit the firmament for a brief moment. I think I brought joy into students’ lives. If young ladies noticed me at all, they would smile. But it was not my Richard Geer good looks (perhaps I should not use him as an example) that caused their lips to curl in a reverse sneer, but my funny hat.

I was the only adult on campus willing to wear jester hats to class. Sure there were a few dreadlocked Subaruistas, outfitted with large mongrels collared by red farmer handkerchiefs, who wore multi-colored, multi-tailed and be-jingled hats, but they were fortunately few and far between.

I am about to be ejected from the warm saline environment that is the University womb. After another semester (I can’t stretch it to two because I am paying my own way), I shall be tossed on the job market like so many other bright and eager graduates. This is to say like rubbish onto a landfill.

The university asked me to create and update this blog. They, being wiser than I, see blogging as a way for individuals to get their message out to the world. Of course, the university has no control over the content of my blog. Therein lies the fly in the ointment. I am reverting back to my High School epiphany of “It is better to be weird than to be cool.” There is no way I can be cool on campus, hence the funny hats. There is no way I can be cool in blogging (at least not like the pros are), hence the outlandish and outrageous opinions I shall express here.

Being a non-traditional student allows me the freedom to have non-traditional opinions about political and cultural subjects. I am more than happy to share them with you and invite your comments.

Since I am studying Latin as my foreign language, I have become interested in Roman history. We can learn a lot from Rome, especially now that we seem to be coming to the end of the republican form of government. We appear to be on the cusp of entering a new Imperial age led by a new family of Cesars.

Having said that, I want to know—American Gladiator: Where are the swords and tridents? Your thoughts please.


Blogger mtnmom2 said...

If you can't be cool, you can also be politically incorrect as I was so eloquently forced to be recently on my campus.

Subject in question was human rights. Only these were human rights in another country and culture vastly different than ours. Now, I am not against human rights, quite the opposite, but I don't go off the deep end every time something happens and try to ax out the business or businesses that tend to profit from the alleged abuse. In this instance I just didn't think the resources of the individual needed to be expended in the manner that was being petitioned for and I am sure I was branded with whatever initial might be appropriate for not conforming to the politically correct response of signing the petition. So be it! Brand away! There are better fights to be fought/ better avenues to further that cause. A wise person once said that you can't fight all the battles and you have to pick the ones that really matter. AGain, let me reiterate that human rights matter, just not the petition in question.

Maybe I should submit this to the Kaimen? do you think they would print it?

4:22 PM  
Blogger mtmudlark said...

PC sucks, No that's wrong-- it's just another facet of ignorance and control!! It's easier to set up arbitrary rules than to think about it. Frankly this is the same sort of suppression that has occurred on both the the Left/Liberal side of the political spectrum in the thirties, the Right wing in the late 40's and 50's, again on the left in the 60's and 70's and back on the right side of thinks in the 80's and 90's. On the University campus the suppression has always directed at less liberal views. So what else is new.
As to human rights, the only real guaranteed right is fact: in the long run you're dead.

ALL organisations abuse people!! if you don't believe this you need to look more carefully at what's in front of your face. Most of the time it's minor but in Universities specifically it is systemic and integral to their operation. Just look at the way student labor is treated on all levels by the faculty. The term WHITE NIGGER comes to mind. ( There was a very interesting book titled The Student As Nigger written about this in the 60's--based on my experience nothings changed, it may be worse) The whole system is pretty corrupt in any ethical sense. OR, to put it more crudely; There's nothing as liberal as a professor where his own prerequisites are concerned or as reactionary when his privileges and money are involved. It's all bout money folks! If you don't believe this please send me some of what you're smoking.

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